Short-term Care & Rehabilitation to Foster Successful Outcomes.

Long-term Care Focused on Kindness, Comfort & Compassion.

Piney Grove Nursing & Rehabilitation Center in Kernersville, NC Can Provide Your Loved One with Quality Care in a Caring Environment.

Are You Struggling to Find:



Tailored treatment plans to meet individual needs


Long term care for a loved one suffering from a chronic illness


Nursing care and rehabilitation after an acute illness or accident


A healing environment that promotes a safe and expedient recovery

Here’s How Piney Grove Nursing & Rehabilitation Center Can Help


Short Term Care

Piney Grove Nursing & Rehabilitation offers short-term care and rehabilitation for residents in need of 24-hr care, support, and rehabilitation.

Long Term Care

Elderly residents and people with chronic illness can enroll in long-term healthcare services (24-hour skilled nursing services).


A nurse assisting a senior patient to walk through the corridor of a community nursing facility.

Achieving Excellence: Piney Grove 2023 Deficiency-Free Annual Survey

We are thrilled to share the exceptional achievement of Piney Grove Nursing & Rehabilitation – our state survey conducted by the esteemed North Carolina Division of Health Service Regulation (DHSR) has resulted in a flawless 100% deficiency-free rating!

The DHSR’s annual survey meticulously evaluates Long-Term Care Facilities, Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities, and Skilled Nursing Care across a wide range of critical criteria. From resident health and wellbeing compliance to dining/food preparation, facility environmental practices, and overall resident quality of life, our steadfast commitment to surpassing these rigorous standards is unyielding.

Join us in celebrating this milestone and experience the exceptional care that sets Piney Grove Nursing & Rehabilitation apart.

Our Care Model


Piney Grove Nursing & Rehabilitation Center provides short-term rehab stays after surgery or hospital admission, as well as long-term health care services. Our skilled nursing and rehabilitation center is led by interdisciplinary teams who provide medical and personal care for those who are unable to manage independently. We are committed to providing a dignified experience that ensures the quality of life for our residents, their families, and our employees.

We work together to:


Form connections between our families at home and our families at work


Foster a supportive and healing environment for our


Create individualized treatment plans to fit each resident’s needs


Acknowledge our accomplishments and share in their success

Piney Grove Nursing & Rehabilitation Center offers a variety of services to residents of different ages in our care center, from adults to those who are elderly. We start by evaluating all the aspects that may affect a resident’s life experience, including physical, emotional, social, and spiritual components of care.

We are here to help you if you are recovering from a short-term stay or starting the process of senior care transition.


Our Interdisciplinary Care Team

Our model of care provides a smooth transition from multiple care settings. Our interdisciplinary care team will work together to focus on the mind, body, and spirit of each resident. Our dedicated professionals provide residents with medical and care services as well as a range of rehabilitation services. This is designed to help people avoid re-hospitalizations with quicker recovery and improved outcomes.

Infographic of the healthcare professionals that work at Piney Grove Nursing & Rehabilitation Center.

Kind Words

We chose Piney Grove after careful consideration and after visiting several other facilities. The qualifiers were: Medicare ranking, cost, location, friendliness of staff, and facility layout. The receptionist is very welcoming and knowledgeable, and we have open and excellent communication with the medical/clinical leadership teams. They inform us when dad’s clinical care conference is coming up and invite us to join. While no place is like home, Piney Grove is the next best thing for dad.


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